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Connecting Local Challenges
with National and Global Issues

Goal: Promote social work education and research that connects local
issues with national and global challenges

Objective: Develop international research collaborations that emphasize local-national-global
connections in knowledge paradigms

  • Build on current research collaborations, expand the scope of research and solidify collaboration and exchange with institutions
  • Foster connections across disciplines, and promote joint publications with faculty/students in a spectrum of disciplines
  • Build on existing national and international connections, on our strong partnerships and collaborative arrangements with institutions, and on the work of our alumni
  • Conduct research informing transnational practice models, programs, and policies
  • Develop academic exchange through visiting scholars programs

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  • Globalization is a powerful force that brings both benefits and challenges
  • The effect of new technologies (e.g., the Internet) on behaviours must be understood and addressed

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