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Connecting Local Challenges
with National and Global Issues

Goal: Promote social work education and research that connects local
issues with national and global challenges

Objective: Increase partnerships with a range of diverse communities

  • Increase partnerships with the diverse global communities in Canada (e.g., Certificate Program in Settlement Practice, partnership with Yee-Hong Centre for Geriatric Care)

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"The FIFSW is an excellent environment for someone like me who plans to work in an international setting. The Faculty members on my dissertation committee have impressive international links and a broad range of experience and expertise. This has enabled me to develop critical global links and a broader view of things. When I return to Ghana, I will be the only PhD holder in that country who was trained at the FIFSW at the University of Toronto. I feel well-prepared for the work I want to do there as a researcher and teacher of the next generation of Ghanaian social workers."

Paul Issahaku, PhD candidate,
Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work


  • Globalization is a powerful force that brings both benefits and challenges
  • The effect of new technologies (e.g., the Internet) on behaviours must be understood and addressed

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