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Connecting Local Challenges
with National and Global Issues

Goal: Promote social work education and research that connects local
issues with national and global challenges

Objective: Support international schools of social work by establishing both the professional and
educational standards

  • Collaborate with international social work schools to mobilize knowledge and develop curriculum
  • Build international dimensions of education and professional standards into the knowledge
    mobilization hub on the FIFSW website

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"As an international student, I value the variety and diversity of backgrounds represented by the Faculty, and the different perspectives and ideas to which students are exposed. This is a place that challenges you all the time, and teaches you to question your assumptions. I’ve learned a lot from being around internationally renowned professors who are experts in both national and international social work issues. By supporting my research and teaching me actual skills, the Faculty has provided me with the foundation I’ll need for international social work in my home country of Kazakhstan."

Sofia An, PhD student,
Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work


  • Globalization is a powerful force that brings both benefits and challenges
  • The effect of new technologies (e.g., the Internet) on behaviours must be understood and addressed

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