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Leading Knowledge Mobilization
in Social Work

Goal: Establish an infrastructure to develop and take the lead in
knowledge mobilization in social work

Objective: Promote Faculty and field interactions on the integration and mobilization of
research and practice and disseminate innovative practices

  • Create a hub for collaborative knowledge building between FIFSW and the social work settings with which we interact
  • Solicit proposals from the field that address questions of interest to the profession or scope of practice
  • Provide leadership to help build capacity for agencies and practitioners to engage in research to influence practice and policy by establishing multiple spaces on the Faculty’s web page that become centres for knowledge exchange and mobilization
  • Use these centres of knowledge mobilization as arenas for collaborating with community members, practitioners and researchers to identify best practices that can be adapted to the community context
  • Recognize and work with the various stakeholders presenting disparate and at times competing perspectives

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  • Knowledge mobilization means infusing research with knowledge from practitioners and service users, and respecting professional values and ethics
  • Social work knowledge and research agendas are shaped by the current political and
    social climate
  • There is an emphasis on evidence-informed practice, cost-effective service delivery and translation of knowledge to practice and policy
  • Barriers to incorporating research into policies and practice must be identified

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