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Leading Knowledge Mobilization
in Social Work

Goal: Establish an infrastructure to develop and take the lead in
knowledge mobilization in social work

Objective: Promote mobilization of research into practice and facilitate research that is practice-driven
by fostering knowledge exchange between the Faculty and the field

  • Facilitate regular seminars that integrate research and practice in an exchange of information on field and Faculty activities
  • Establish a clearinghouse or knowledge exchange network to identify opportunities for collaboration, match faculty interests with field concerns, and help practitioners access faculty expertise and research findings
  • Provide accessible tools and evaluation rubrics for researchers, students, and organizations to utilize in order to build community capacity
  • Establish research digests to disseminate knowledge directly related to practice and policy in the field
  • Prioritize the use of technology and develop innovative methods to exchange knowledge amongst faculty, practitioners and other community stakeholders
  • Use a range of media to foster existing knowledge mobilization relationships and opportunities for collaboration (e.g., REACH, e-Reach, Annual Report, U of T Bulletin)
  • Promote partnering with agencies in course offerings within the degree programs and Continuing Education

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  • Knowledge mobilization means infusing research with knowledge from practitioners and service users, and respecting professional values and ethics
  • Social work knowledge and research agendas are shaped by the current political and
    social climate
  • There is an emphasis on evidence-informed practice, cost-effective service delivery and translation of knowledge to practice and policy
  • Barriers to incorporating research into policies and practice must be identified

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