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Leading Knowledge Mobilization
in Social Work

Goal: Establish an infrastructure to develop and take the lead in
knowledge mobilization in social work

Objective: Develop the evidence base to support social work advocacy

  • Ensure that social workers in the workforce are prepared to address community needs, by informing and contributing to research that assesses needs and evaluates programs / service outcomes
  • Promote links between the FIFSW and social work education, research, practice and advocacy bodies by working with these groups on key social issues
  • Inform and contribute to professional directions by supporting the active participation of faculty and students at key provincial, national and international organizations

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"Social workers, because of the scope of their profession, are incredibly well positioned to work at the level of policy change, work broadly across communities, as well as on individual practice levels, to mobilize knowledge and participate in change initiatives. The Faculty is leading the way in this regard. It is reaching out to work collaboratively through partnerships with community groups to generate knowledge that can be used for systemic change. The FIFSW is very committed to looking at needs and issues of disadvantaged communities within Toronto, with its diverse communities and populations. By producing new knowledge and putting it into practice, the Faculty plays an important role in responding to the kinds of changes we are experiencing as a society."

Axelle Janczur, Executive Director,
Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services


  • Knowledge mobilization means infusing research with knowledge from practitioners and service users, and respecting professional values and ethics
  • Social work knowledge and research agendas are shaped by the current political and
    social climate
  • There is an emphasis on evidence-informed practice, cost-effective service delivery and translation of knowledge to practice and policy
  • Barriers to incorporating research into policies and practice must be identified

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