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Leading Knowledge Mobilization
in Social Work

Goal: Establish an infrastructure to develop and take the lead in
knowledge mobilization in social work

Objective: Strengthen links with other disciplines / professions for collaboration on interdisciplinary

  • Build on existing interprofessional education activities to promote practice-based community-engaged research
  • Build on existing interdisciplinary research affiliations to promote interdisciplinary research
    grants and projects
  • Seek opportunities to promote research and education partnerships through cross appointments, shared positions and joint degrees (e.g., Juris Doctor and Master of Social Work) and
    collaborative programs

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"I feel strongly that knowledge exchange isn’t just information transfer. What is also needed is skill transfer – the process of helping people in the field not just to be informed of new knowledge, but supporting them to learn the skills. What I find inspiring about social work – and I see the Faculty as being a leader – is the interest in not just knowledge about, but actual know-how. This means training professionals so that they are excellent clinicians and so that they can do research. One of the ways in which this is evident is in the Faculty’s openness to innovating and providing different ways for knowledge mobilization."

Wayne Skinner, Deputy Clinical Director,
Addictions Program, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health


  • Knowledge mobilization means infusing research with knowledge from practitioners and service users, and respecting professional values and ethics
  • Social work knowledge and research agendas are shaped by the current political and
    social climate
  • There is an emphasis on evidence-informed practice, cost-effective service delivery and translation of knowledge to practice and policy
  • Barriers to incorporating research into policies and practice must be identified

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