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Promoting Wellbeing and Equity
Across the Life Course

Goal: Develop knowledge that intricately links context with
individual development

Objective: Promote holistic assessment and interventions for people and the issues they face

  • Conduct research and evaluate interventions that demonstrate the interactions among the development, growth, and adaptation of individuals and contextual environmental forces throughout the life course
  • Assist children’s services (e.g., education, children’s mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice) in designing and evaluating interventions
  • Provide evidence of the disproportionate representation of marginalized groups in social work settings in order to inform equitable practice and policy that prevents or ameliorates problems and promotes positive outcomes

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  • Complex interactions among genetic, biological and environmental factors affect people throughout the life course, according to neuroscience research
  • Focusing on social determinants of health means considering both daily living circumstances and structural influences on health, such as education and employment
  • Cumulative research underscores the importance of early childhood years and the influence of experiences across the life span on future development
  • Social work has a vital role to play in understanding and responding to the needs of Canada’s growing and aging population, and of those who provide care and support
  • The unique needs of individuals at all ages and stages must be understood and addressed within the context of their own life experiences


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